Personal, Warm and Genuine
All of the rooms at Nösunds Värdshus have a personal touch: no two rooms are the same.We have double, single and family rooms, all with a unique interior and decorated with art works by Kari Johanne.
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The Boat Houses
You can stay in one of the beautiful boat houses that stand with their posts securely fastened in the sea bed. In a mild, wood-grey tone they slip into the coastal landscape. Each room has its own terrace with the water as its neighbour and with beautiful wooden furniture for furnishing alternatives outdoors or indoors. There are 10 double rooms in the boat houses.

The wing
Your bed is chosen with care, your room is decorated in a personal way with lovely carpets, beautiful artwork and a relaxed atmosphere. A shower and toilet are naturally included in your living space and the view of the sea is present in virtually every room.

In Strandgården, the personal furniture and details make all of the rooms unique. Furthermore, there is a long balcony that faces the sea, just right for a cup of afternoon tea or why not the second cup of breakfast tea or coffee. In Strandgården there are 6 double rooms and 4 single rooms.

The suites at Nösund are really something special. The location is magical on the rocks by the sea: your neighbours are the innkeepers and actual inn is only a couple of hundred metres away. Almost the entire house is made of glass, giving an airy, open feeling, thereof the name - luftslott means castles made of air. In the suite you can immerse yourself in a Jacuzzi or a lowered bathtub and relish the tranquillity

Lusthuset is the smaller building on Havsudden, about 5 minutes’ walk from the main building. In the building there are four rooms, all with many windows and a beautiful view. Outside there are terraces, a large lawn and a beautiful view of Lyrösund. In Lusthuset there are 3 family rooms and 1 double room