Nösund Havshotel by the sea

You will find Nösunds Havshotel a few metres from the sea - on southern Orust, in the middle of Bohuslän. As early as the beginning of the last century, Nösund was already an established holiday resort for people belonging to Swedish high society who wished to take hot seaweed baths and enjoy life in a guest house. Today we have restored Nösunds old traditions and can offer board and lodging in a genuine island idyll in the archipelago.

For centuries Nösund has been a place to which people have come to find a sense of well-being for both body and soul. We who run Nösunds Värdshus see it as our mission to offer people an open door to our oasis, a place in which we give people the opportunity to meet themselves and others, a place for reflection and care in an environment characterised by art, culture and history.

We hope that you who visit us will take the time to sit down on a salty Bohus County rock, take a deep breath, and listen to the ripple of the waves and the shrill shrieks of the seagulls. With a start like this you will have come a long way on your own journey towards a life of greater well-being, for already Carl von Linné described the salutary and body-caring qualities of the surroundings in Bohus County.

The old guest house has experienced a time of upheaval; we have rebuilt it and added on an orangery and boathouses. In our quiet environment you will find rooms with spacious terraces where you can rest your eyes out on the waves.

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