Seaside Spa

Light, warmth, water and tranquillity are the most important elements in our facilities. We have extended the building between the rocks and out into the water, where sky and sea reflect the light. In the pool section there is also a roof and a folding wall made of glass and when they are pulled back the water in the infinity pools is accompanied by a natural lapping of the waves.

In sun and light therapy you heal your body and soul. Not to be confused with a solarium, that only has UV-A and UV-B, we have the whole spectrum as well as a UV filter. See below for questions and answers about the sun and light therapy. Spread out in the sun, the light therapy makes you relaxed, at ease and, afterwards, more energetic and happier. Your blood circulation increases, and the warmth is beneficial for joints and muscles. Sun, temperature, wind and sounds are taken from a real summer's day in Bohus County. Will you get a tan? One hour in the sun section is the equivalent of 20 minutes' sun in the height of summer.

Nösund has a tradition of health and well-being. Bathing in hot salt baths was a pleasure that could be enjoyed at Nösund as early as in the beginning of the 20th century. The coal-fired salt baths were closed down at the end of the 1950s and we are happy that we can now stir some life into such an old course of treatment. The sea sauna is built on a steel construction, where the hanging lichen can be seen through the all-glass entrance. Height and a panorama view place the sea at the feet of the sauna bathers.

Summertime and, for those who are brave enough, even in the winter, one can immerse oneself in the salty sea water and, should it get too cold, it is easy to get warm again in the hot salt baths. In 1901 a bathing doctor wrote: Stand with your legs apart against the waves and do a little jump when the waves roll in. He also regulated the bathing times: On the first day one wave, the second day two, and so on. If you would like to sunbathe outdoors you can relax on our sun terrace. Take one step towards the west and you have naturally temperate seawater to bathe in, take one step towards the east and you have heated pools. After sun and bathing it is lovely to look out over the sea and meditate with the swell of the waves. This you do in the relax section between the panorama sauna and the pool room or in the tower room one flight of stairs up.

An experience beyond the ordinary: Try our glazed oyster bank and be served a glass of cold bubbly champagne to go with the delicious shellfish. The lucullan meal is enjoyed in the warm baths with the delicacies placed on a floating table. Various treatments are given by certified members of staff. See our selection below. We use Maria Åkerman ecological products and there is a shop in the reception. Bookings for the SeasideSpa can be made between 10.00 and 19.00.

Warm Welcome!