Ornamentation in our SeasideSpa

At Nösunds Värdshus we mix Art, Food and Music, all so as to create experiences for all the senses. Our SeasideSpa is full of artwork by Kari Johanne.

Papier-mâché is an age-old material used for creating sculpture and tactile artwork. The Sarcophagi in old Egyptian graves were made like that; lasting for millennia in dry places.
My figures are built with chicken wire and papier-mâché in the traditional way, but they are also covered with layers of coating that make them moisture-resistant. One of the layers contains sand, which gives a hard, rough surface; it feels good to then work this surface with acrylic paint.
As a painter, drawer and graphic artist I've mostly worked with flat surfaces, but during recent years three-dimensional figures have occupied most of my time. I look forward to continuing to decorate our wonderful bathing palace as well as the hotel rooms in the inn. There's enough for me to do here to last me the rest of my working life.

Kari Johanne